Newly on-the-go kids in need of a safe and fun mobile boost can look no further than the Maxi Deluxe scooter. Micro Kickboard’s signature kids’ scooter is a safe, sleek, and smooth ride from park to sidewalk to (safely crossed) street!

This teeny glider stands as low as 24-inches off the ground at the handlebars and adjusts to a sizable 34-inches tall, a range that can grow with tiny ones from 5 to 12 years old. With a one-click detachable handle and no additional assembly required, the Maxi Deluxe is the easy and lightweight traveler that can really go the distance. At under 6 pounds, the deconstructed scooter can fit comfortably in a large duffel bag or require the service of only one free hand to carry on a tuckered walk home.

For car travel, simply pop the T-bar off after playtime and lay it alongside the lightweight base in the back seat for a space-filler no wider than two bags of groceries and lighter than one! (If you’ve ever made a grocery run with less than 6 pounds, this writer envies you).

But here’s where the Maxi Deluxe really shines: the kickboard is smooth, sturdy, and highly functional. With its simple lean-to-steer design and three-wheel stability, the scooter is steady and stable, and promises a safe and exciting ride that minimizes the dangers known to other accident-prone (and ankle-pain-inducing) scooters. The polyurethane wheels and surprisingly strong standing deck, which can safely support up to 110 pounds, can take a beating and hold on tight. It’s a product of Swiss design and quality engineering that kids and parents can feel.

The Micro Maxi might not be completely up to speed for bigger kids, but luckily Micro Kickboards has a large line of scooters for all needs and ages (even mom and dad, too) that promise to be just as dependable. With multiple toy and design awards under its belt, Micro Kickboard is a company with tangible integrity and customer support that’s made them a fan-favorite of families across the world.

Available in more than a dozen stylish colors to choose from, the Maxi Deluxe is a great starter scooter for first-timers — that’s new riders and new parents, too. Keep an eye out for Micro Maxis on your block — they’re undoubtedly out there!