Toys that ooze, splatter, and spill are ultimately the most fun. These toys will make a mess big enough to impress kids, while the underlying educational value will definitely impress parents.

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht showed off these messy, but educational toys on CBS New York, The Couch with Carolina Bermudez and John Elliot.


Scatter Spatter (Spin Master)

Wacky Wacky-tivities puts a hilarious and wacky spin on kids’ favorite activities. With Spattter spray, kids can spray up to a mile of wacky string spray. The spray comes in Skinny Spattter, Fatter Spattter, and Scatter Spattter.

Goozerk (Spin Master)

Kids will go berserk over the wack-tastic fun of Neonic Goozerk. Kids can stretch it, pull it, swing it, and string it. They can even blow bubbles as big as their head, or stretch it across an entire room. Goozerk products make all sorts of wacky sounds when squished around. Goozerk is available in six neonic colors, including: Sea Shell Blue, Trash Can Green, Radioactive Orange, Brain Yellow, Bubbles Purple and Volcano Red.

Lava Rock Volcano (The Orb Factory) LavaRock.OrbFactory   

Combine art and science when kids design their very own Volcano and create a cool chemical reaction. Use plaster and paint to turn a domed base into a realistic Volcano. Add a tube, funnel, and squeeze bottle so kids can control the size and timing of the eruptions. Add fake gravel and red coloring to make foaming lava. Perfect for science fairs or home crafting projects.

Contents include a plaster bandage roll, a volcano wrap, a plastic funnel, a squeeze bottle, a PVC plastic tube, four acrylic paints, a cotton ball, a bottle of food coloring, a paint brush, EVA gravel, baking soda, two plastic dinosaurs, illustrated instructions

GooHu.RoseartGoo-hu (Roseart)

Goo-hu is part science experiment and part bouncing toy. Each Goo-hu kit comes with two silicone-based modeling compounds. When kept apart, the compounds remain gooey, but when combined, the compounds turn into a rubbery, bouncy, and flexible form that won’t shrink, crack, break, or lose its bounce.

The collection includes Goo-hu Super Bounce Balls, Goo-hu Giant Eyeballs, and Goo-hu Cushie Critters kits.

That’s Gross Science Lab (Smart Lab Toys)ThatsGrossScienceLab.SmartLab

26 super-gross experiments including creating fake boogers, stink bubbles, and more.When it comes to kids, “ick!” makes scientific principles stick. This kit gives a preview of basic chemistry including polymers, diffusion, reactions, gas expansion, and more.
Includes mechanical toilet bowl mixer with “flushing” sound effects, trashcan beaker, toxic waste can beaker, rat-shaped eyedropper, worm stir stick, bubble wand, a filthy work tray, and a full-color, 24-page book with step-by-step instructions.

Plasmart.gellibaffGelli Baff (PlaSmart)

Harmless powder soaks up to 400 times its weight in water! Available in 2-packs or 5-packs and comes in blue, red, green, or pink. Kids sprinkle the powder evenly over the surface of 40 liters of bath water, let the goo magically form for in about two minutes, stir well, and get in, and have fun! When bath time is over, add the dissolver and the goo disappears.

chocolateChocolate Picture Maker (Magic Choc)

With this 100-percent vegetarian, gluten-free Belgian chocolate, kids can create personalized chocolate bars using dark, milk, and white chocolate. Just simply melt the chocolate by placing the bag in warm water and when finished, put the bar in the fridge for about 20 minutes to set.

Crayola.fingerpaintsWashable Finger Paints, Bold Colors (Crayola)

Kids can create with right, bold colors: red, yellow, green, and blue. The paints’ chunky tubes feature a mess-free formula and no-spill design.

Giant Finger Paint Paper Pad (Crayola)

Kids can create large designs in this 16 x 12 inch paper pad. It includes 25 sheets of coated, bright-white paper.