mermal shellsMix the magic of Hatchimals with the timeless allure of mermaids, and what do you get? Mermals!

Mermal Magic is the mystical, underwater hybrid theme for Spin Master’s fifth season of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, a line of small collectible creatures designed for kids ages 5 and up.

Each Mermal Magic CollEGGtible figure comes inside of an egg, which is styled like a seashell or oyster. Just like previous seasons, the egg has a small heart on its front. When kids press firmly on the heart, the front of the shell will collapse and reveal the Mermal inside.

In this season, there are more than 80 different figures to collect, ranging from common to ultra-rare. The majority are Hatchimal-mermaid hybrids (mer-deeraloo, mer-cheetree, and mer-puppit, for example), but others are the Mermals’ adorable sea creature friends. If they’re lucky, kids may even find “Mermal twins,” which are two smaller figures inside one egg.

mermal figures

In addition to being cute and collectible, the Mermals have a surprise feature: Their tails change color in water. For the best color change results, kids submerge the Mermals in warm water.  

While these CollEGGtibles are compatible with previous collectible play sets, there is also a whole new line of underwater-themed play sets to expand the Mermal Magic fun.

The figures themselves are available in single packs, a two pack with a nest, a four pack with a bonus figure, and a six pack shell.

Get cracking and see which magical Mermals your kids will discover!