Parents, the next time you find yourself scrambling on a Saturday afternoon to keep up with your kids’ inevitable boredom, tell them you are taking them to outer space. When they don’t believe you, strap on a pair of Merge VR Goggles and that’ll do the trick.

Virtual reality (VR) has been creeping its way onto the scene for a while, and thanks to the new goggles form Merge, kids and parents can join in on the fun. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you pick up the headset and find that it’s much lighter and softer than some other VR headsets on the market. The goggles are made entirely of a soft foam material to withstand common wear and tear brought on by kids. The goggles can be tossed to the bottom of a backpack, or submerged under a heap of clothing left on the floor, and still live to tell the tale. The spongy material also fits comfortably and snug on little faces, and is easy to clean when being passed kid to kid. With a variety of colors to choose from— purple, grey, pink, red, teal, yellow, green, orange, and blue—there’s a style to fit any taste.

Another great feature the headwear offers is the ability to adjust the lenses to fit a specific frame. Kids (or grown ups, if they need some help) can slide the nozzles on the top and bottom of the goggles until they find a clear picture. This aspect definitely helped me out when I switched between different VR experiences and had to deal with with blurry pictures or dark corners. Granted, it may take a bit of time to get the picture just right, but luckily that’s what the adjusters are for.

Additionally, certain VR experiences are designed for users to interact with what they see. The top of both nozzles on the goggles also work as buttons to use with certain apps. For example, I played along with a rocket launch, where I used the buttons to launch the rocket, experience the excitement of take-off, and then land the rocket in space.

Whether kids want to sit back and immerse themselves in a VR scene, or dive head first into the action, Merge includes tons of different experiences that are compatible with the goggles at the VR section of its website. Kids can browse through journeys that are educational, action-packed, interactive, and more until they find what they are in the mood for. After I successfully launched a rocket to space, I decided on my next endeavor I wanted to sit back and enjoy my favorite Disney musical, The Lion King. With YouTube 360, I was thrown right into the show’s most popular numbers. Filmed on a series of different GoPro cameras, I was able to move all around the stage and snag close-up looks at the cast, crew, and props.

Merge’s VR Goggles are compatible with both Androids and iOS devices, but depending on the screen size, the experience will be different. The iPhone 6s easily fit in the slot and removed without any struggle. Once inserted, the screen was also the perfect size to work with the goggles’ lenses. That being said, since the screen on a smaller model, like that of an iPhone 5, cuts off where the goggle’s eyepieces are, it’ll creates some black space in the corners.

Merge VR is the perfect way to share the world of VR with the whole family. The goggles are designed with kids in mind, and with a library of VR apps and experiences to choose from, there’s something for kids and parents to enjoy.