Travel toys that keep kids focused for more than a few minutes and teach them a thing or two are hard to come by. Luckily, Learning Resources has the perfect fix with Mental Blox GO!

Mental Blox GO!, designed for kids ages 5 and up, is a brain-boosting portable logic game. It includes 16 3-D shapes in green, purple, blue, and orange. These shapes are housed in a 4- by 4-inch container (kinda looks like the type of box you’d receive fancy chocolates in), and each shape has its own cubicle. From the outside, it just looks like shapes in a box. But once kids open up the game and puzzle book, they’ll see there are a myriad games for them to play with these shapes. It’s more than just different colors and shapes. When kids flip over each shape, there is a pattern stamped on one side, meaning none of the blocks are truly identical.

Mental Blox GO! allows kids to play and solve up to 30 games and puzzles, which are all outlined in the complementary booklet. Kids can play single-player, multi-player, or head-to-head action games with this brain-boosting take-along challenge. Games include Memory Match, Shapes Suduko, 4 X 4 chess, and a variety of games that are totally unique to Learning Resources. Using picture diagrams, the challenge book will show kids exactly how to set up their board and how to play. Each game prompts player(s) to use critical thinking skills to solve the puzzle.

Mental Blox GO! is perfect for summer travel while they stay busy and put their noggins to work.