Mattel.BoomCoRapidMadnessFor kids (and let’s be honest, adults too), there’s nothing like a good blaster that allows them to take aim and fire off at targets around the house. When choosing a blaster there are many factors to consider, such as size, firepower, and speed. Luckily, new from Mattel’s BOOMco line, comes the newest (and baddest) blaster, the BOOMco Rapid Madness.

Featuring a 20-dart clip and Smart Stick technology, this blaster will become an easy favorite among kids. Just looking at it, it’s pretty massive, but the really cool thing about this blaster is how quickly it fires. Kids can choose to shoot two different ways: they can press the trigger down once to shoot for accuracy, or hold it down to unleash all 20 darts in seconds and watch them soar up to 50 feet.

Included with the blaster is a Smart Stick Target which allows kids to practice their aim and see how close they really get to the bullseye because the darts stick to the target. There are also transforming shields attached to the blaster that have the Smart Stick material, so kids can capture their opponent’s darts and use them for themselves.

Kids ages 6 and up will love this blaster, and parents will love that there are no batteries required (it’s air powered), it comes with 30 darts (so it’s not the actual end of the world when one goes missing), and with the included target kids won’t have to make up their own targets (ie. younger siblings).