Mattel Hits the Road with the Barbie Truck: Totally Throwback Tour

Barbie Truck

Calling all Barbie Fans: starting today, Barbie is hitting the road!

Continuing the year-long celebration of Barbie’s 60th anniversary, the Barbie Truck: Totally Throwback Tour will make its first-ever appearance at the Barbie Collectors Convention in Kansas City. Stocked with exclusive apparel and accessories with a retro flair, the Barbie Truck will make several stops throughout Southern California this year, beginning with a Los Angeles appearance in September.Barbie Truck Gear

Next year, the Barbie Truck will mount a cross-country tour in an effort to bring exclusive Barbie gear to fans nationwide. The first 16 stops have been announced at

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  1. Tiffany Sorrell

    I LOVE it! Just wish they & others would come to our part of the world on the EC in NC!! I also want to say a HUGE Thank-you to TI I have been signed up for newsletter now for a while & it’s AWESOME! Helps me keep up with the latest & greatest toys which helps me a LOT in shopping for my granddaughter! I finally won something for my granddaughter via Twitter party as well they are ALWAYS fun! Hate I couldn’t fully participate with her fav Ryan (had eye doc appt) was actually asked to stop messing with phone lol during visit but I tried! Thank-you guys soooo very much I would DEFINITELY and do recommend to everyone I know to sign up if you have kids, grandkids or a special little ones in your life! Most helpful/useful newsletter ever!!


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