There literally has never been a better time to tell Mom “thank you” and “I love you.” With all of the new roles she’s added to her list lately (home-schooling teacher, chef, IT specialist, to name a few), it is time to show our appreciation for anyone in our life that we call Mom! So we have put together some ideas — from ready-made gifts to DIY!

Gifts for Mom

Gifts for Mom are always better if they encourage more time for the whole family that spend time together, especially this year while we’re celebrating Mother’s Day from home.

gifts ideas for mom

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing us to stay home while social distancing, bikes have quickly become a fun gift to give — and Schwinn has plenty of options that are perfect to give moms to spend more time outside. For Mom’s who like exercise, consider the Schwinn Kempo (MSRP: $249) or if the need for speed is her tempo, maybe the Schwinn Fastback (MSRP: $699).

For Moms that would love a retro feel, the Schwinn Fair Lady (MSRP: $349) is a perfect gift, while the Schwinn Axum (MSRP: $398) may be the ticket for more “off-roading” adventures. Yet, if she wants a leisurely ride, then take a peek at the Schwinn Sivica (MSRP: $499) is great for leisurely rides, and rides together are better the Schwinn Twinn Tandem (MSRP: $513).

Puzzles are another great gift option because the whole family can put it together and then frame it for Mom for a lasting memory. Consider a puzzle that features a place she has traveled to or wishes to travel to someday — like one of these options from Ceaco — or  a puzzle of her favorite animal from one of Buffalo Games selections.

Another gift option is Crayola‘s Signature Make Your Own kits. From flower string lights to succulent clay planter kits, it has everything you need to complete the project, and then gift the final result to Mom.

mothers day gift ideas


Crayola also has a lot of fun DIY crafts as well, including the construction paper heart wreath or a thumbprint ornament. Maybe make a flamingo card or personalized photo flower! My personal favorite is the Mother’s Day Mason Jar. Crayola created a video demo of each so you know what supplies you need and how to make them!




Even if you don’t make one of the crafts for Mom, consider it for a fun art project to supplement home schooling or make a flamingo card for a local nurse or grocery store work to show thanks to them. Look for Mother’s Day design inspo by checking out the #sayitcolorfully hashtag on social media for more ideas for Mom!