Whether you are looking for unique activities to shake up playtime or just want to get the kids outside, Zing Toys has your summer fun solution: The Marshmallow Blaster Double Barrel Blaster lets kids battle hard — but with some super sweet ammo.

This product may seem a bit familiar to you: Over the past year, Zing Toys acquired the Marshmallow Fun Co. — the previous maker of marshmallow blasters — and gave the packaging a bit of an update, including a cut-out target on the box. (Try to contain the excitement while opening the packaging, to make sure you don’t rip it!) The target is a bit tough to cut out of the thicker cardboard, so if you have scissors that are a bit more heavy-duty handy, you’ll want to pull those out.

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How you use the blaster is pretty straightforward. Load up to 50 mini marshmallows into the two tube-shaped chambers. Then pump the handle located at the back of the blaster. This fills the cylinder chamber with air to give the marshmallows the boost needed to launch them up to 40-feet. Pro tip: Slightly stale marshmallows seem to travel farther than their fresher, softer counterparts. Another trick is to keep the marshmallows in the refrigerator, so they aren’t as sticky when launching, or so they don’t pick up as much grass or dirt if you want to reuse them over and over again.

If kids target each other, the marshmallows are still soft and fun. However, if you want to avoid crossfire, then kids can make up their own fun challenges. Set up obstacle courses or single targets with household objects such as empty boxes or coffee cans to show off those mad marshmallow skills. Kids can see how many marshmallows they can get into the coffee can or through a hula hoop you had laying around in the garage — or come up with more fun challenges.

At the end of the play, parents and caregivers will love that you can wash it in the top rack of the dishwasher, which means that it’ll be ready for action when kids are the next day.

Make your summertime backyard hang a blast with this sweet new addition to your arsenal.