Playmobil Mars Space Station

Houston, prepare for liftoff!

With the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing passing earlier this year, space exploration is on everyone’s minds. Not only does the anniversary offer the perfect entry point into a chat about history, but it’s a great timely way to incorporate some STEM play, too.

Mars Space Station, from Playmobil, lets kids ages 6 and up venture into undiscovered worlds without leaving the house — or reaching for a screen. Kids will learn about the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and math as they build up the play set and pretend to be Martian astronauts. Part of Playmobil’s new Mars Mission line of play sets, the Mars Space Station includes all of the tools kids will need for some imaginative space exploration.

Playmobil Mars Space Station

Two AAA batteries power functioning lights beneath the central hub —making sure astronauts can find their way back to the base — radio contact, jet propulsion sound effects, and background space noises, really bringing the set to life. The wee little astronauts can explore the illuminated station interior via a front ramp and a secure rotating hatch. A removable roof lets kids interact with the space station’s many features, including the research lab, living quarters, and the central command area from which all missions are monitored.

The two free-docking stations allow the crew to connect external equipment and play sets, such as the Mission Rocket with Launch Site and the Satellite Meteoroid Laser (sold separately). And let’s not forget about the trusty robot sidekick (we are in space, after all)! The included robot features changing faces for a bit of variety and mystery. When kids turn its eyes, the robot’s facial expressions will change. The Mars Space Station also includes two astronauts, a (play) computer, tools, food supplies, space crystals, a telescope, a video recorder, and a bunch of other accessories.

Playmobil Mars Space Station

With an adult’s help, it should take a couple of hours for kids to put this play set together. Be sure to keep an eye on them and keep smaller kids away, as the set does include a lot of small pieces that pose a choking hazard for younger kids.

Well, there’s nothing left to do but buckle in and set off for the stars!