Kids tend to feel like the world revolves around them. And why shouldn’t it? They are the apple of Mommy’s eye; they’ve got Daddy wrapped around their little finger—life is good. So what do you get for the child who has it all? Something made especially for them.

My 5-year-old daughter, Lena, wants to be “a toy tester like Mommy” when she grows up. She gets to play with all the newest toys first, she sees and hears about new toys long before the other kids in her kindergarten class, and, yes, she still gets excited about “simple” toys, like dolls, and crafts, and board games. But what really blows her mind is something made especially for her.

MarbleSparkI recently brought home two personalized books from MarbleSpark. Following Featherbottom and ’Twas the Mouse Who Saved Christmas are beautiful hardcover books that gift givers can personalize with a child’s name and birth date at Not only is the child’s name featured on the cover of the book, his or her name and birth day are woven into the story, personalizing it just for them. Lena’s amazement at seeing her name and birthday in a real book was priceless. She loves that these books are all about her.

In Following Featherbottom, Felix Featherbottom travels to destinations around the world that each begin with a letter of the child’s name. From an A in Antarctica to a Z in Zimbabwe, he takes the first letter of each of these locales to build the child’s name, creating a story of how the child’s name came to be.

In ’Twas the Mouse Who Saved Christmas, a little mouse named Pipp accidentally tears off part of Santa’s Naughty or Nice list, and the child’s name is on it. Pipp must catch up with Santa’s sleigh and figure out how to get the child’s name back onto Santa’s list so that he or she isn’t overlooked as Santa delivers toys to all the good girls and boys.

Lena was delighted with these personalized books and wanted to read them again and again, and show everyone how they are all about her. Following Featherbottom would also make a great gift for a newborn, since it’s all about their special name!