It’s time to break all of the rules and play with your food!

The new Chocolate Pen from Skyrocket is the sweetest way to get creative. This activity set includes a large, oversized “pen” tool that kids can load with real chocolate, then draw, write, and mold their own chocolate creations!

Although the setup is relatively simple, there are a lot of steps to it, and it’s important to do them properly so that you avoid small mistakes like getting air in the chocolate as you’re loading it into the pen. Younger kids might need help the first couple of times they set up the pen to make sure they’re doing it correctly. The warming tray also takes about 45 minutes to fully warm the chocolate, so we recommend making sure you have plenty of time to create before embarking on this sweet activity.

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When you’re ready to start drawing, you have to start immediately! Within 10 minutes, the chocolate in the pen will begin hardening — great for your end-result masterpieces, but not so great for indecisive artists — so go into it prepared! You don’t always have to fill the chamber all the way with chocolate, so I recommend encouraging kids not to take more than they need so that it doesn’t harden too quickly (you can always go back for more).

The included warming tray really is a blessing because it means that there is no heat in the pen tool itself, and kids can make their chocolate creations safely. It also keeps the chocolate melty (I heard this is an official culinary term) so that you can keep drawing and making chocolatey goodness without worrying about the chocolate hardening. When you’re ready to switch colors, you have to disassemble the pen to clean it and then refill it, so switching back and forth between chocolate colors may be a bit tedious, but it’s simple enough to do a few times!

There is a set of included molds that help guide kids to creative, culinary creations, but the best part about the pen is that they can use it to create anything they’d like out of chocolate — including toppings for other desserts! With all the time we’re spending at home, you may be running short on ideas to keep kids busy (and the inside winter months are coming!), and this is the perfect remedy for “I’m bored.” It’s a different kind of activity set that allows them to create edible treats. I recommend pairing it with some eps of The Great British Bake Off on Netflix and really make an afternoon of it!

Skyrocket’s Chocolate Pen is the perfect way to indulge in at-home activity time. Sweeten up your day with this fun kit!