Maisto.ReconRover_NOSHADOWR/C is always a popular play pattern for kids. It’s simple fun, but encourages imaginative play whether kids are playing with friends or keeping themselves busy. They get the chance to be in control of cool cars, trucks, and other vehicles and take off on epic adventures. And now, with the Recon Rover, from Maisto Toys, kids record those explorations and relive them over and over again.

This 1:16 scale R/C truck is a super fun off-roading vehicle– but there’s more! Kids can securely snap a smartphone, or other camera device, into the clip on top of the vehicle and record their off-road drive. And no worries, parents, the clip is actually secure, so if your kids are borrowing your iPhone to play, it won’t go flying across the room, forcing you to spend your Saturday at the Apple Store getting it repaired. Kids will love sending the R/C out on an adventure and then getting to play it back later. Plus, since it uses your smartphone or camera device, videos can be easily uploaded and shared with friends and family.

The R/C itself drove smoothly across our office floor, but even if you took it outside, the rubber tires would be able to handle rougher terrains. Steering is simple: you pull the trigger to go forward, then turn the wheel left and right to control it. I’m no pro when it comes to R/Cs and I find the more technical ones to be tougher to control, but the Recon Rover’s simple turn wheel makes it easy. For when you crash or find yourself trapped in a corner, just push the trigger the other way and your Rover drives in reverse. The easy controls are great for the recommended age range of kids ages 8 and up.

So if you’re looking for a way to add some fun tech to your R/C collection, simply clamp your camera into the Recon Rover and drive!