Haba_MagicFeathers_BoxIt’s a jungle out there.

HABA’s new Magic Feathers game enhances kids’ matching skills while letting them enjoying a creative new gamplay experience.

In the game, two to five players must help the magic bird unite all the animal partners to restore order to the jungle.

Set up is a cinch: Players mix up all the animal tiles and place them on a table. Then, each player grabs a magic feather. Players take turns placing their feather in their hand and blowing it onto the tiles. If the feather lands on an animal, kids can place it in front of them, and then try to snag the matching animal on their next turn.

Haba_MagicFeathers_ContentsBut watch out, this jungle game can get competitive. Other players can steal already claimed animals to try to make pairs themselves, but the Magic Bird can help protect kids’ solo animal friends, while they work to reunite them and earn the most points.

Once kids make a pair, they can flip their animal tiles to the enchanted side, revealing the animals in a sparkling, glowing jungle world full of feathers.

The game takes just a few minutes to learn, and about 15 minutes to play, perfect for busy parents or kids with short attention spans. Unlike Jumanji, this family-friendly jungle game features inviting imagery, soft feathers, and adorable animals, drawing kids in with ease.

Haba_MagicFeathers_ActioThe game features 20 different animals, including a toucan, a gorilla, a leopard, a panther, an iguana, and so much more. Not only will kids learn about matching, but this game will also allow adults to teach kids some animal names as they play. Plus, kids will learn some turn-taking skills, while working on patience and good sportsmanship.

Magic Feathers is creative and inventive, featuring unique gameplay and incredibly detailed and thoughtful illustrations. Kids are sure to love this dexterity challenge, while adults will enjoy playing alongside their children, since the game requires some finesse and strategy.

The only question that remains is, who will be the next king of the jungle?