Source: Magformers/the Toy Insider

Missing those cotton-candy-filled carnival days? Magformers is helping kids relive their Ferris wheel dreams while also providing some hands-on STEM learning.

Magformers Carnival Plus Set includes 48 pieces that kids can use to build up lots of different carnival-inspired rides, or anything else they can think of creating. The colorful pieces come in multiple shapes, including squares, triangles, and hexagons. Kids can connect the Y-shape supports to the base plate and build up all of the rides of their dreams, including a Ferris wheel, swings, a carousel, and more. 

Kids can build up cute carnival rides and place the fun figures with swappable helmets inside. | Source: Magformers

Magformers are perfect for hands-on learning and creativity. All of the magnets are safely enclosed inside the plastic tiles, making them perfectly safe for kids ages 3 and up. Kids will love the satisfying “click” they make when they connect, and building is easy because they never repel. 

This new Carnival set also includes two cute little detachable characters with swappable helmet toppers. Kids can place the figures inside each of their builds for some added role-play fun. 

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The included idea book will help kids who need a little bit of inspiration help, or kids can use their imaginations to invent any kind of rides they want. Everything builds up easily, and comes apart easily too, so kids can make new structures again and again.

The Magformers Carnival Plus Set includes dozens of pieces kids can use to get creative. This STEM-certified toy is perfect for budding engineers, or kids who just need to keep their hands busy. The base will even allow them to put their creations on display for the whole family to marvel over. Packed with play value, this set brings together classic carnival fun with educational magic parents can feel great about.