It’s in our nature to nurture. And now, kids can nurture the most interactive and responsive baby doll ever.

Spin Master’s Luvabella is an adorable tech-infused baby doll that will delight kids with realistic movements and reactions.

From the moment she wakes up (and parents equip her with 4 C batteries), Luvabella will come to life, ready to play with her new mommy or daddy.

Kids can care for Luvabella in dozens of ways, including playing games and making her giggle. Tickle her toes or her tummy to hear her laugh with delight, or cover her eyes to hear her respond with “peek-a-boo!” Kids can even lay their hand over her chest to hear her soothing heartbeat.

Best of all, Luvabella comes complete with four interactive accessories. When she’s hungry, kids can place her spoon or bottle to her mouth and watch her make eating sounds and move her mouth. She will also let kids know when she’s had enough, or if she’s still hungry (and don’t forget to burp her). Kids can sooth Luvabella with her pacifier, or play and teach her animal sounds with her Lamby toy, which she can kiss.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Luvabella features artificial intelligence, so the most kids play with her, the more she learns. If kids love to feed her, she’ll tell kids she’s hungry more often. Her babble will even slowly transform into more than 100 clear words and phrases as time goes on.

But BEST OF ALL (wait, did I say that already?), Luvabella goes to sleep on command. Name me ONE other baby that can do that! Just put her in a laying position and gently rock her and she will slowly bat her eyes and start to snore until she falls to sleep. Seriously, she’s a dream baby.

Luvabella is available in three different skin tones, and even comes in a boy version, Luvabeau. There’s a switch in the back so kids can swap her from “mommy” to “daddy” mode depending on who is playing with the doll. All of her clothes are removable, so kids can change her outfits if they are looking to keep her fashion-forward.

Her animatronics are a little on the loud side, but it really doesn’t detract from the intensely impressive interactivity the doll exhibits. Kids will be instantly amazed at how quickly and seamlessly she responds to them—it’s truly like having a real baby (except for the fact that you can turn her off whenever you want a break from parenting).

There has never been a doll like Luvabella, and she won’t last long in stores, so grab her while you can!