Pomsies Lumies

Last year, Skyrocket introduced the world to Pomsies: cuddly, interactive pets that kids can play freeze dance with and wear as accessories. Then, Pomsies went mini with Pomsie Poos earlier this year. Now, Pomsies are going over the rainbow and getting a colorful twist with Lumies!

Lumies are the next generation of Pomsies, with so many colorful ways to play. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, Lumies crave color, reacting to different colors with more than 100 sounds and phrases based on their mood. Kids can keep Lumies happy and balanced by “feeding” them with color. When kids press Lumies onto different colored objects, a sensor on the bottom will detect it, and Lumies’ sparkly eyes will glow to match the color they absorbed. Kids can also unlock surprise sounds by touching special color combinations.

It’s a great way to teach kids about colors through interactive play. Kids can even match Lumies to their outfits by tapping the toy against their shirt to absorb the color. Learning about colors is awesome, but there are so many more ways to play with Lumies, too, including a musical mode and three games.

Pomsies Lumies

Lumies can turn colors into music in a really unique way. Kids can press their Lumies’ nose to switch the mode when they’re ready to mix some beats. In musical mode, kids can tap the Lumies onto different colors to create different sounds, including drums, vocals, and melodies. The faster kids find colors, the faster the rhythm will change. Kids can get creative and play with different sounds to create their own songs. Lumies can create up to 1,000 musical mixes.

There are three different interactive games that Lumies can play: Color Chase, Lumie Says, and Rainbow Tag. Color Chase encourages kids to get up and run around for some active play. When Lumies glow a certain color, kids must find and touch the Lumies to a matching color as fast as they can to see how many colors they can grab before time runs out. Lumie Says is like a game of memory: Lumies will flash a pattern of colors, which kids must repeat in the same order by touching Lumies to those same colors. In Rainbow Tag, kids can pick any colored object. When Lumies show that same color, kids must touch the Lumies to the color quickly to match before the color changes. The colors will flash faster and faster to make it more challenging.

Lumies also come with a hair-clip comb so kids can brush their multicolored hair. With their fun hairstyles, heart-shaped faces, and sparkly unicorn horns, Lumies’ personalities shine as bright as a rainbow.