Lum Lums and NuNusLum Lums, from Imperial Toy, is a new collection of pocket-sized dolls, pets, and accessories that light up with the magical power of friendship. When girls hold their Lum Lums by both of their hands, all the dolls in the circle magically light up. Girls can include an unlimited number of Lum Lums dolls and friends into their glowing circle of friendship. Each of the four Lum Lums, Floressa, Trindi, Yummie, and Valerina, comes with her own pet NuNu. The NuNus light up when their noses touch each other or the Lum Lums’ hands. Using simple circuit technology, the Lum Lums will have girls ages 3 and up enamored by the magical light-up effects.

Each Lum Lums has her own personality and comes with tons of cute gummy accessories girls will love, such as easy-on-and-off hair charms, bracelets, skirts, and shoes. Their twinkling eyes and cute hairstyles will appeal to girls—but aside from moving heads, the dolls are not articulated or poseable. This didn’t seem to bother our toy testers one bit, but just something to keep in mind. All of the Lum Lums accessories can be interchanged between dolls, so there are tons of options to keep them looking their best. The pet NuNus are also super adorable, and they light up even brighter than the dolls. At an ultra affordable price point, these dolls bring tons of play value to kids. Designed for kids ages 4 and up, each doll comes with a pet and five accessories for $15.99.