Source: Jazwares/The Toy Insider

I’m calling it right now: Mushrooms are about to be one of the hottest trends in toys.

Now, I’m not entirely sure why, but my own kids are all about the ‘shrooms for some reason — at least when it comes to fashion and play. It’s a trend that feels pretty fresh and funky despite having a little bit of a hippy-ish, flower-power throwback element to it. That said, when we got our hands on a few plushies from the new Living on the Veg collection, they were an immediate hit.

Created by Russ, a division of Jazwares‘ Kellytoy (the makers of Squishmallows!), Living on the Veg is a farm-themed collection of 6- and 12-inch plush that kicks off with an inaugural wave of marvelous mushrooms called the FunGuys.

Source: Jazwares

This crew of collectible crops features a dozen characters, each with their own name and personality. They’re super soft and some are silky and some are smooth. Their faces are expressive (I love the disgusted look on Shmu, the zen look of Zeek, the cute look of Maisey, and the anger of Grimsby!), and you’ll find shiny or sparkly accents thoughtfully sprinkled throughout the collection.

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Right now, you can look for Series 1 at Walmart, but word on the street is that additional members of the #CropCrew will be sprouting at other retailers later this spring with additional veggies set to grow each season.

Jazwares has already hinted at corny corn and rad radishes, so that has me thinking that we’re gonna need some punky pumpkins, sassy soybeans, and groovy gourds down the line. What crop would you like to collect?