Goal: $4,000
Funding Period: June 5,2014-July 5, 2014
Creator: Ben Brunetti

a340a668790f414077779fe73865682a_largePlease Share! is the first book in a series designed to teach toddlers about coping with their emotions. The series will feature a group of toddler monsters, the Little Monstrions. The first story is about Karina, who doesn’t want to share her toy truck with her friend, Doobert. The story stresses the importance of sharing and making others happy.

Each Little Monstrion character represents different emotions, and each book will focus on each of those characters. The other books in the series will be about pinching, biting, hitting, and lying.

The money would be used to print, distribute, and promote the books, as well as supporting the creation of other Little Monstrion books. Kickstarter donations range from $5 to $1,000 and prizes include the print and eBook versions of Please Share!, stickers, a personal sketch of one of the Little Monstrions, and a custom portrait illustrated by the author.

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