The pearl party is just heating up — and this time, it’s even bigger and better.

WeCool Toys’ pearl-shucking fun has gotten even bigger with its Lil’ Shuckies Glitzy Sea Shell Set. Contained in a jumbo, pink, sparkly seashell carrying case, the set includes several shucking fun surprises inside. Kids can open up the large shell case and discover two Lil’ Shuckies oyster shells, plus a package of magic sand and filler pearls for the pearly bracelet.

Who’s ready to shuck it?? Use the included shucking tool (just like with the single packs) and crack open sparkling, ombre shells and find a pearl and Compound Kings slime inside. There are 24 pearls to reveal and collect, including one ultra-rare bead in each shell set. Other beads are either common or rare, but they all make the perfect centerpiece on your kid’s wrist.

Kids will never know what’s inside the shell, so it’s time to start shucking! Each set includes one coral Lil’ Shuckies shell; one pink, purple, or teal shell; and more goodies, such as a pack of magic sand and additional beads and string.


A tactile handful of sparkly slime is hidden in each shell for kids ages 4 and up to play with and stretch. The handful of slime that’s included is typical of Compound Kings, and the stretchy, glittery, tactile compound is nearly impossible to put down. But, don’t get too caught up in the slimy fun because this set has an added tactile treat in store. The jumbo kit also features a package of magic sand that kids can squish, squeeze, and mold — all without it drying out. 

Once kids finish shucking their oyster shells, the beading fun can begin! Each hidden bead can be added onto a one-of-a-kind bracelet of their own design, using the additional three packs of 20 baby pearl beads to fill out the rest of the included string.

When kids complete their bracelets (prompting the Little Mermaid herself to be a bit envious, naturally), they can pack up the shells, compounds, and extra jewelry supplies inside the seashell carrying case, use the clasp to snap it closed, and cart it around with the pearl-inspired handle. Just like that, the pearl party is here to stay — and better and bigger than ever.