The line between fantasy and reality has never been less clear… and I’m all for it.

Lightseekers, from TOMY, is a unique gaming experience that lets kids ages 8 and up fuse physical characters with a digital game. The franchise consists of a digital game, trading cards, action figures, and even comic books.Players begin by downloading digital Lightseekers game for free on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon. It’s essentially a large, open world that players can explore. As gamers explore the planet Tantos, they’ll discover ruins and artifacts from a mysterious race known as colossi. In an effort to discover new information, players will need to utilize abilities, combos, talents, and equipment to ward off enemies of all shapes and sizes. They can also collect rare Lightstones, recruit pets, play mini games, and customize gameplay difficulty to suit kids of all ages.Lighsteekers figures are more than just action figures—they’re smart action figures. When connected, they can talk, vibrate, and use different colors to show levels, status, and incoming danger within the game. They’ll quickly become kids’ favorite sidekick.

Each Lightseekers character comes with a Fusion Core, which players can snap on to the back of their 7-inch smart action figure. This “backpack” allows for two-way communication between the physical and digital world, giving kids the opportunity to control their figure inside the game. Powered by a rechargeable battery, players can game for hours on a single charge.

For added interactivity, kids can attach Flight Packs to the back of their smart action figure and watch as it turns into an actual game controller. Kids can dodge, duck, dip, dive (and dodge) their real-life character and watch as their movements translate on screen. They can even press buttons on the Fusion Core to fire blasters at enemies. While the figures themselves are not completely required to play the adventure portion of the game, they do let kids enjoy the full experience.

My favorite part about the Lightseekers system is that the figures are Bluetooth enabled. This means that they do not require a portal or a stand to connect to the game. With the flip of a switch, kids can connect their hero to their smart device and dive headfirst into the ultimate gaming experience.For more traditional gameplay, fans can collect trading card Intro Packs that give them everything they need to start playing the Lightseekers Trading Card game. With six different Starter Decks to choose from, young ones can get their hands on hero cards, combo cards, and action cards that can also be scanned into the game for rewards, new combos, and other power ups.

While toys-to-life video games have been around for a few years, Lightseekers changes the game by adding in unprecedented interactivity between the figures and the digital game. Gone are the days of placing a figure on a platform and forgetting about it. In Lightseekers, players must use their physical figures to fly through challenges, eliminate bad guys, and so much more.

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