A still from ‘LEGO Marvel Super Heroes’ | Source: LEGO

Kids can take on the role of some of their favorite Marvel heroes with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, which is now on Nintendo Switch.

The game assembles Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor, and the Hulk as they take on some menacing Marvel villains, including Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin, Red Skull, and Venom. Players can unlock more than 100 playable characters — all LEGO-fied, of course.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes features some of the most legendary locations from the Marvel universe. Kids can head to Stark Tower, the Daily Bugle, the Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building, the X-Mansion, and more.

The Nintendo version of the game also includes the previously released DLC packs LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Super Pack and the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Asgard Pack. Each features even more characters and items from the Marvel universe.

Families can also find the game for Xbox One, Playstation4, and Windows PC. Find LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Light on Nintendo’s website.