My month of June has been pretty well stocked with dinosaurs with the release of Jurassic World and all the toys and fun things that surrounded it. And just when you think it couldn’t get any more stocked, I popped the Lego Jurassic World video game into our office’s WiiU and was inundated with prehistoric friends all over again.

Lego Jurassic World, from The Lego Group, TT Games, and Warner Bros. Entertainment, is a fantastically fun journey through 65 million years of dinosaur fun. Players can relive moments from ALL FOUR JURASSIC MOVIES that are recreated into Lego brick worlds. You can go on fun adventures in a story that takes you through the familiar worlds of the movies with the characters you know and love (I was most excited about the appearance of the Lego version of Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm). Players can also populate and explore Islas Nublar and Sorna, and put your own dinosaur creations into paddocks in special Free Play missions.


I know what you’re thinking: “What do you mean ‘dinosaur creations’?” I mean that you can make your own dinosaurs. Players can collect Lego amber and experiement with DNA to create completely original dinosaurs. But be careful: Remember what happens when you get too bold with your creations (see: any Jurassic movie ever). It’s super cool and adds a whole new level of exciting play to this video game.

Wait, wait, wait. I’m not done. YOU CAN ALSO PLAY AS THE DINOSAURS—the most amazing part (hands down) of this game. Wreak havoc in the Lego world as you choose from 20 different dinosaurs, including the Triceratops, a raptor, or the T-rex. Yeah, that’s right. YOU CAN PLAY AS THIS. Incredible.


Another fun element of this video game is that it has that classic humor that you find in other Lego video games you may already be familiar with, such as the Lego Batman series or The Lego Movie game. It makes gameplay fun for both kids and adults as they laugh out loud at the goofy jokes (and goofy dinosaurs!). It’s also super easy to play with friends and family with an easy access drop-in, drop-out gameplay action on the console versions of the game.

So enter the Park in a whole new way with Lego Jurassic World, available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, WiiU, Nintendo 3DS, and Windows PC.