lego dots

While traditional LEGO builds are fun and all, there’s only so much to do with a completed brick model once it is completed. With LEGO’s latest Dots sets, kids can combine all the building fun of LEGOs and the do-it-yourself nature of craft projects with function and style. Once kids build their Dots projects, the finished projects also double as decor for kids’ rooms or accessories, including an adjustable bracelet, a jewelry stand, a pencil holder, or a picture holder.

Much like traditional LEGO sets, Dots kits feature small pieces and blocks that easily snap together to form new models and shapes. What’s new is that these pastel-colored blocks and tiles make adorable and quick projects that are functional for use in kids’ daily lives. For example, each bracelet can be designed in a matter of mere minutes and picture holders in less than 30. Wearable crafts made simple!

Each rainbow bracelet set comes packaged individually with 33 mosaic-like LEGO tiles and one empty, colored bracelet. There are only 28 slots for pieces and a limited amount of pieces, so there is a finite number of design possibilities with just one set. But, if kids have multiple sets, they can mix and match the pieces to create even more designs. Kids can reorder pieces and re-snap together again and again; nothing is permanent.

lego dots

Much like regular LEGO sets, pieces stay together quite well on the durable, plastic band. Then, kids can fit the peg at the end of the adjustable bracelet (denoted with a star indent) into one of the holes on the back of the band. This means that kids can keep designing, creating, and wearing as they grow!

Dots packages are small and compact, which make it easy for parents to pack up and take on the go. The bracelet comes in a lightweight packet with everything that’s needed inside. Just tear open and start creating!

In the Dots line, there is more to create than just bracelets and jewelry. Bigger sets come in a resealable, divided container with 423 LEGO pieces for kids to create functional home decor products. This container is especially helpful when kids try to search for the perfect color or shape to add on their masterpiece and makes a great way to store the extra LEGO pieces when kids are finished designing their Dots projects.

With these larger projects, there are three main steps to design Dots sets: Create, Decorate, and Use and Re-design. Inside the packaging, the instructions share three versions of the main, 3D square-shaped base. Following that, kids will piece together the LEGOs as they already know how until they have a cube with blank sides. Cubes are quick and easy to put together.

For kids following the instructions and designed models exactly as they are laid out, it should be noted that the bags with the pieces are not separated and labeled per design, but rather by color and size. It does help to empty each plastic bag of pieces into a different compartment on the tray to easily reach for the LEGOs that kids need. 


From there, it’s time to decorate! Not only are Dots functional, but they are also cute-as-a-button. (The puppy face? The rainbow patterns? Adorable.) Once kids build the base of their model, they can use the colorful tiles to decorate the surfaces in fun, geometric patterns or animal designs and really embrace their own creativity and style. There are no real instructions for a face or pattern (other than photos of a few suggestions), so kids can really customize it and make it their own.

Then, if kids want to change the project’s design, they can easily swap tiles and re-position in new ways. However, there is no tool to help peel pieces apart (like in a typical LEGO set), so kids will have to pry it off themselves. Putting each set together is a relaxing craft project as kids can get creative and design their own home decor accessories.

Dots are a quick and easy craft project that kids can do anywhere and anytime and they are just plain adorable.