Families will soon be able to enter into a Diagon Alley of their very own.

LEGO’s newest Harry Potter set heads straight into the iconic wizarding world location with more than 5,500 pieces of buildable magic. It includes all of the must-visit shops, such as Ollivanders, Flourish & Blotts, and Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.

The set is about 11 inches tall, 40 inches wide, and 5 inches deep. In other words: it’s monstrous. This may make it difficult for younger kids to build, giving it a suggested age of 16 and up.

Those who build it can choose to display the modular shops in a row or place them on different shelves. The lead of the team behind creating the set, Marcos Bessa, said that each shop takes on the details of the films, some of which they had to dig down old photographs of because they whizzed past too quickly on the screen.

Families can step into the screen themselves with the buildable QR code that takes them “Through the Bricks” to get a further look at the set before it arrives at the LEGO store tomorrow. The Weasley twins themselves (James and Oliver Phelps) bring us all of the details.

Fourteen minifigures that come with the set include the twins, the world-saving trio (Harry, Hermione, and Ron), Gilderoy Lockhart, Florean Fortescue, the Daily Prophet photographer, and more characters we love (and love to hate).

Gather your galleons: Diagon Alley will go up for sale tomorrow for $399.99 on LEGO’s website.