LEGO blocks are getting a serious upgrade with an all-new set of technologically advanced pieces in the LEGO Boost set.

While it retains several of the classic pieces and blocks that kids have come to know and love, LEGO Boost comes with special new blocks known as Boost Bricks—a mover, an interactive motor, and a color/distance sensor—that help enhance the joy of building by adding movement and sound to models.

The LEGO Boost set comes with enough pieces to build one of five different constructs, including a robot, a tank, a guitar, a tiny robot factory, and even a feline friend! The instructions for each construct are all stored on the free LEGO Boost app, which also serves as the key to all the fun that can be had with LEGO Boost models. Each set of instructions starts off simply with a comprehensive how-to-build guide to gets kids started on building whichever model they choose, with the instructions typically having users build with around the Boost Bricks. Pro-tip: The app starts users off with a simple cart construct to start things off smoothly. After they’re finished building and have reached the end of the instructions, they can unlock different play maps on the app to put their construct to good use.

Each play map offers a simple tutorial on how to get your model moving using different movement pieces to create their own sequence that is similar to coding script in generating different actions and reactions to their constructs. After mastering the tutorial, kids can easily play around with their model using the app to remote control it in almost any way they can think of. For example with a cart, they can make it move in any direction, drive in a circle, honk a horn, or even run away from their hand. Different constructs have different functions, so the best fun comes from building them all one-by-one to see what they’re capable of! The more users experiment with them, the more functions they can unlock on the app to try out with their model.

Lego Boost is an innovative, fun, and educational way to take kids’ Lego experience to the next level. The many app-generated functions of each model create endless opportunities for kids to cultivate their creativity and intuition as they play. The innate STEM playability and accessibility of these models can also act as a gateway for kids to become invested in subjects of growing importance such as coding and programming so that they can cultivate these interests into real-world applications as they grow older. The LEGO Boost app contains no words or readable guides, so parents and caregivers might want to use the app along with their kids so that they can relay any of the more complex instructions so that they can readily understand them.

True to its name, LEGO Boost provides a sizeable boost to any LEGO fan’s building experience.