Avocados are super trendy right now (Really, who doesn’t love avocado toast?), and now Learning Resources has given them an adorable, educational twist! Designed for kids ages 18 months and up, the Learn-A-Lot Avocados really live up to their name.

The set includes four plastic avocados, which are a bit bigger than you might expect, but are still a perfect size for small hands. Each avocado splits into two halves, and there are tabs that make it easier to separate them. Inside each avocado, kids will find a colorful interior (blue, green, red, and purple) and a spinning pit. The pit is attached to the avocado, so you don’t have to worry about any small parts rolling loose!

As they spin the avocado pits, kids will find two line-drawn faces. Each of the eight faces expresses a different emotion: happy, sad, mad, surprised, silly, frustrated, tired, and scared.

The final piece in the set is a square, yellow tray with a space to hold each of the avocados.

Kids will have plenty of sensory fun taking apart the halves and spinning the pits, which — combined with the adorable design — would be enough to earn this set a thumbs up. However, the best feature of this toy is actually the learning guide that comes with it!

The guide features a list of educational activities that parents can set up using the avocados. They are all very creative, but also easy to execute. For example, parents can separate all of the halves, mix them up, and encourage kids to re-match the avocados according to color. Or, kids can practice identifying different emotions using the faces! Using these activities, kids can practice learning colors, vocabulary, and social/emotional skills!

Who knew there was so much to learn from avocados? Plus, at only $15, you get a lot of play value and educational value without breaking your budget!