LeapFrog‘s newest LeapStart will get kids excited about learning—with a pop of magic.

The LeapStart 3D Interactive Learning System has all the same familiar features that helps kids build early learning skills, but this time around, it includes 3D-like animations to enhance the activities even more. The learning system is ideal for kids ages 2 to 7.

Just like the LeapStart we all know and love, the system itself is large and chunky, perfect for any kid to rest on his or her lap, and is easy to grip. But unlike it’s predecessor, there is a 2-by-2 inch screen that pops up on the right side of the system, bringing characters from each story to life through animation. Also new this year: The system is also available in two adorable colors: green or pink.

Set up is painless, but kids will need Mom or Dad’s help when they open their new LeapStart. Connect the LeapStart to your computer, install the LeapFrog Connect software, register the device using your existing (or create a new one) LeapFrog account, download the audio and video for your book, and voila! The education adventure awaits.

The LeapStart 3D Interactive Learning System works with a series of books, each with its own theme, including letters, numbers, and kids’ favorite characters, such as the Paw Patrol Gang, Mickey and Minnie, Disney princesses, and more. The books provide an ideal learning experience for kids because they’re super engaging and interactive, which is so helpful for visual and auditory learners.

More than 25 LeapStart books are available at launch, covering a variety of subject for preschoolers through first graders. Each book has more than 30 activities, guaranteeing that kids will take away multiple lessons from each book. Better yet, many of the activities are also replayable with two levels and more than 50 skill keys per level. What does this all really mean? That parents can sleep soundly knowing that they’re basically guaranteeing their kids educational fun.

All kids need to do is snap the LeapStart book into the system so it stays in place. With a little magic from the sorcerers at LeapFrog, kids then can use the stylus to tap on different parts of the page to interact with the stories and answer questions. I’m still in awe that the pen will know what you are tapping every. single. time. For example, in Space Race (a game on the system itself), there is a picture of a galaxy with 10 planets. Kids must complete math equations such as, “Subtract 4 from planet 9 to find the finish line.” Then, tap planet 5, and you’ll see the space creatures race to planet 5 and celebrate at the finish line with the 3-D animations.

Each book is very affordable, so parents won’t break the bank to get additional content. The best part is that kids can use all of their previous LeapStart books for with this new system, but only the 3-D compatible books will show the animations.

The whole LeapStart experience is totally enhanced with the new 3-D like animations, taking kids on a whole new educational journey.