🎵 Step by step, clue by clue, let’s think it through! 🎵

For decades, the adorable little pup Blue and her friends have been encouraging kids to learn and play. Whether you grew up with Steve or you’re just joining in now with Josh, it’s hard not to love the fun and educational preschool series Blue’s Clues — now Blue’s Clues & You! In case you have yet to fall in love (what are you waiting for?!), each episode features the host Josh as he guides kids through a bunch of mini adventures in search of clues that lead to what Blue would like to do (or eat or sing, etc.) that day. Kids help in the hunt for clues — then, at the end, try to put the three clues together to figure out the puzzle!

Now with a new line of toys from LeapFrog, kids can bring home the clue-sleuthing fun of Blue’s Clues, with different learning toys based on the show and its play patterns. Kids will see familiar objects like the Handy Dandy Notebook and the Thinking Chair, as well as familiar friends like Blue, Magenta, and the rest of the crew. Check out some of our favorite toys from the new line below!


Any Blue’s Clues aficionado knows that you simply could not solve a Blue’s Clues adventure without a Handy Dandy Notebook — and as its name implies, this one from LeapFrog is really smart.

This toy looks just like the notebook Josh uses in the show, but it has 14 light-up app icons that kids can use for pretend play. Each of the “apps” introduces toddlers and preschoolers to a new learning experience, whether it’s colors, counting, shapes, weather, health, or hygiene. My personal favorite app is the “Feelings with Cinnamon” icon, which encourages kids to talk about their feelings, then celebrates them for doing so.

And since it is super smart, the notebook also has app icons for a phone, music, and mail so that kids can engage in pretend play with Blue, Josh, and Mailbox. With fun music and sounds inspired by the show, kids will love to keep learning with their Handy Dandy Notebook.

Although the actual notebook and pen are just for show (the pen does not detach, nor does the notebook open), fans of the show will love to have the prop of their very own. Plus, it’s the perfect, chunky size for little hands to hold — and still small enough for Mom or Dad to throw into a bag and take on the go to keep kids busy while out and about.


Ages: 3+
MSRP: $14.99
Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart

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Kids can take Blue or Magenta with them wherever they go with this wearable learning watch. Kids can start to learn to tell time — and give it some context through daily routines — with these watches. Available in Blue or Magenta styles, kids can explore daily routines by choosing a time and discovering what their pup wants to do at that time. There is also an alarm clock and a timer, so kids can further understand time concepts.

In addition to all of this, the watch also features four learning games for kids to play. Throughout the games, they’ll be introduced to counting, shapes, and problem-solving with Blue’s friends Tickety Tock (of course!), Slippery Soap, Shovel, and Pail. There are also seven digital watch faces that kids can choose from. The watch also features a cover that kids can close to protect it when they’re not playing, which features a cute mold of Blue or Magenta’s face.


Ages: 3+
MSRP: $14.99 (each)
Available: Amazon (Blue or Magenta), Target (Blue), Walmart (Blue or Magenta)


This book is packed with 10 touch-sensitive pages and takes kids on their own clue-hunting adventure. They can actually play a round of Blue’s Clues to help Josh find three clues to figure out which book Blue wants to read. As they venture through the book, they learn about colors, words (32 of ’em!), and counting along the way.

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As kids make their way through different areas of Blue and Josh’s house (the living room, bedroom, backyard, and kitchen), they run into familiar friends: Magenta, the Shaker Family, Tickety Tock, Shovel, Pail, and Mailbox. Plus each page has tons of interactive touch-points for kids to hit to hear sounds and music inspired by the show. The quick response of the touch points truly make this an interactive experience for kids that will keep them engaged and learning while they play.


Ages: 3+
MSRP: $21.99
Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart

These toys are particularly great because the play pattern of the show lends itself so well to the level of interactivity the toys offer. Josh’s question-and-response pacing during the show translates well into the products, such as the learning book: He’ll ask a question and pause so kids can really respond, just like in the show. Although it’s the same story each time, there is plenty of fun to unlock within the pages.