LaserPegsTruckKids love to build and create, but for a construction toy to be really successful it must offer kids something extra once they’ve made the finished product. With the Laser Pegs Power Block 8-in-1 Truck kids can turn off the lights and bring their creations to life with this LED-illuminated four-wheeler.

Inside the box are 100 tinted bricks (in neon colors, such as green, pink, purple, red, blue, orange, and yellow), four tire pegs, two Laser Pegs, and one Power Base, which can all be used to create eight unique model trucks. Kids can choose to create a Jeep, Humvee, Pickup Truck, Truck Rod, Work Truck, Trophy Truck, and a Dragster Truck, simply break it down, build it again, and attach it to the power base for a real show.

While the instruction manual unfolds with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to build a Pickup Truck, kids can go online at to download instructions for every other model. Kids can also choose to tap into their imaginations and design their up their own trucks.

Once the building is complete and connected to the power base, each Laser Pegs shape will illuminate through a low-voltage current, causing the structure to light up. Change the switch on the bottom of the power base to experience different light cycles.

Recommended for kids ages 5 and up, the Laser Pegs Power Block 8-in-1 Truck is a great activity for kids of any age because the models range in difficulty, so even the more experienced builders can still be challenged.