Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. Which vehicle will be the one to take first place? Will it be a race car? A roadster? A truck hot rod? Kids can take their pick with the Laser Pegs 8-in-1 Race Car to see which one takes the prize.

This kit, from Laser Pegs, includes 111 pieces for kids ages 8 and up to build a race car from scratch. While some toys can be next to impossible to put together, these instructions are incredibly easy to follow, with large, step-by-step illustrations to guide the way. The included booklet comes with one set of instructions, and the other seven models can be found online at

And the instructions aren’t the only thing lighting the way. Kids can light up their creations with 11 LEDS that are built into a mega-brick that acts as the base of the car. The building blocks are blue and clear and the LED block lights up the vehicle an electrifying neon blue color. The car has racing tires that let it roll, so kids can switch it into nightlight mode for a constant blue light or amp it up with the flashing light mode as it goes whizzing by.

Unlike some other building blocks out there, this kit has tons of play value. Kids can reconstruct the build into a race car, modified racer, F1 racer, land speed, rally car, utility truck, truck hot rod, or roadster for hours of fun. They can put the pedal to the metal as they build and unbuild it again and again to create each of the eight models. Those who like to think outside the box can even come up with new ideas to build creations of their own into existence. Buckle those seat belts, and follow those flashing lights straight to the fast lane.