These baby-friendly drums are simple to use. | Source: TOMY

Time to rock and roll with your baby! 

The Lamaze Squeeze Beats First Drum Set from TOMY is designed for the way babies play, complete with bright colors and unique fabric textures that little ones can use to feel and explore. Babies ages 12 and up can pat, squish, and thwack each bouncy piece to make the whole toy come alive with music

This set is jam-packed with educational benefits for babies, encouraging sensory play, gross motor skills, and cause-and-effect learning. Kids can create fun sound effects, play a backing track, or just goof around with animal sounds. The drum set is also made with squishy materials so babies can explore without fear of breaking it or hurting themselves. Additionally, the cymbals on the drums bounce back after every squish. Kids can push them down and watch as they spring right back up! 

This drum set is full of colors, fun patterns, and exciting textures. | Source: TOMY

This set is an ideal early childhood toy: At around 12 inches tall, it’s the perfect size for babies to explore without getting overwhelmed. The drums are simple to use, requiring minimal pressure to elicit a sound. Babies only need to pat lightly to make music or play the animal sounds.

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Parents can also display the drums in their kid’s playroom. With bright colors and patterned fabric, this set will brighten up any space. Kids will love that they can create music with simple effort and parents will love that they can share their love of music with their babies. Now that’s a win-win!