With the K’NEX K-Force Build and Blast: Dual Cross blaster, kids ages 8 and up can build six different blaster and target models in one set, including the double chamber Dual Cross blaster. The set includes classic K’NEX rods and connectors, plus special parts for customized blasters, such as blaster chambers, skull dart holders, quick-fit grips, preload rings, and foam darts. Kids can download the instructions for the five alternate blasters and buildable target, so they can build up whatever blaster that their battle requires each and every time.

You may be thinking, “But how powerful is it really going to be if I build it myself?” Answer: Super powerful. The Dual Cross blaster fires up to 75 feet, so it can stand up in any blaster battle you may find yourself in. Bonus: Since you build the blaster, you can come prepared, as I mentioned before, giving you an advantage over traditional blasters. Plus the pieces in this set are compatible across the entire K-Force Build and Blast line, meaning you can truly create any blaster that your imagination can dream up.

As far as assembly goes, I have to admit that the blaster did take me over an hour to build because I struggled a bit in the middle with one of the steps after making a mistake in the build. However, the bonus of this is that the play value is doubled. The K-Force line challenges kids to build carefully, but it doesn’t set kids up for an impossible task. Although the build was a bit challenging and took some time, it was doable. (Keeps kids busy for awhile, right parents?!) It also provides important lessons in STEM concepts such as engineering, disguised as fun, creative blaster play.

Once it’s built, then the fun really begins! K-Force gives kids a bit more confidence and pride in their blaster than traditional ones have in the past, because they’ve built it themselves. It’s customized, and can be completely different from everyone else’s blaster in the battle, which is a nice stray from the norm.