If your kids love building — but you want to think outside the blocks — K’NEX kits are the way to go!

The K’NEX brand from Basic Fun! is a rod and connector building system that has been in the marketplace since 1992. The pieces are made in the U.S. with building sets for every age group and skill level. There are Core sets, Thrill Ride sets, and Educational sets — and even a Kid K’NEX line for preschoolers. The newest building series is KNEX Architecture, which can be found exclusively on Amazon. This newest line lets kids travel the world through building.

Kids can build and learn about the three iconic structures in the line: the Golden Gate Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, and the London Eye. The London Eye also features a motorized component, so that once kids build up the structure, they can watch it spin. As kids connect the rods and connectors together, they are learning about these iconic places and also about engineering, architecture, culture, and geography. Plus, they are also mastering general educational concepts, like spatial awareness, fine motor competence, and dexterity skills.

As an elementary school module, architecture has been steadily growing in popularity. From private school to public school, educators find that it teaches children problem-solving skills, as well as executive functioning skills. If parents, caregivers, or educators do an internet search for “architecture for kids” they will find a growing array of printables, online activities, books, and examples of architect subjects. The K’NEX Architecture sets are representative of the subject’s growing popularity, as well as introduces children to the concept of architecture outside a formal curriculum.

These sets are designed for kids ages 9 and up, which is reflective of the level of dexterity and the time it takes to build them. Since they are such big sets, they’re great for kids to work together to build as well, for a more collaborative experience. 

Whether your builders are diving into the K’NEX Architecture series or one of the brand’s other product lines, they will learn fundamental STEAM skills to further develop their minds and creativity. All K’NEX sets with alike pieces are compatible with each other, so kids can really explore their imaginations by designing and building their own unique masterpiece. It even gets them a chance to experiment with the different parts as they create their own unique structures.

As they build, don’t be surprised if the design that started out as a rainy-day build turns into the world’s next iconic monument.