These pint-size plushies are pawsitively purrfect! | Source: Cepia/the Toy Insider

We are not kitten around when we say your kids will be pawsitively excited for the new Kittens vs Gherkins from Cepia!

These itty-bitty kitties and sweet li’l gherkins are baby-size versions of fan-furrorites Cats vs Pickles (CvP) Bean characters — except instead of cats, they are now kittens, and rather than pickles, they are Gherkins (a type of baby pickle)! Just like the grown-up Cats vs Pickles, the new Kittens vs Gherkins are soft, bean-filled plush characters with tons of purrsonality! The only difference is that the kittens and gherkins are packed into 3-inch bodies — about an inch smaller than the originals.

These little bitty babies have such pawsonality. | Source: Cepia/the Toy Insider

Each Kittens vs Gherkins character will be sold in mystery two-packs with two baby beans and a crinkle fidget baby blanket hidden inside. Are you feeling hungry for some water-meow-lon? Then make sure to collect Lil Melly, a widdle wadder melon! What about a little pickle? Whether s/he is sweet or sour, kids will love Lil Frances and the bitty bottle.

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There are 24 characters to collect so that kids will have fun finding and trading them. These pint-size plush toys make for great party favors, basket stuffers, and good report card rewards! Kids might be feline sad that the Kittens vs Gherkins collection won’t drop until July, but grown-ups may find it furtunate that when this collection hits store shelves, they will be available at Amazon, Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Claire’s, and Hot Topic.

Whether kids display or play, trade or toss them in bean bag games, the only issue is which ones to keep furever!