Kitten Catfe, from Jakks Pacific, is the purr-fect new line of toys for every kitten obsessed kid. Combining the popular trends of kittens, coffee, fashion, and the element of an unboxing surprise — the Kitten Catfe collection has it all. 

Kitten Catfe Collecton

Leading the Kitten Catfe collection is the Purrista Girls (series 1) surprise reveal dolls, made for kids ages 3 and up. Each Purrista Girl costs $9.99 and comes packaged in a cute plastic cup, designed to look like a reusable coffee cup. Kids can open the cup to reveal one of 12 surprise collectible Purrista dolls. Each fashionable doll has a coffee or cat-themed name — Luna Latte, Jennipurr Joe, and Kitty Purrcino to name a few. 

The set also includes a surprise accessory, outfit, pair of shoes, and cat bed for the Purrista girl doll. The final element of surprise is the tea bag; parents can help kids fill the provided cup with cold water, while slowly placing the tea bag inside. The bag will dissolve to unveil 1, 2, or 3 surprise mystery Meowbles. Meowbles are small collectible cat-shaped beads, which can be threaded on a string, or used with the Meowble Yarn Ball bracelets (sold separately). 

An added bonus is that the food-grade cup can also function as a real drinking cup — parents just need to be sure that it will not be used with hot liquids, or put in the dishwasher or microwave. Using imaginative play, kids can pretend to be a barista along with their Purrista girl to serve up their favorite handcrafted drink. Drink recipes can be found at

Kitten Catfe Collecton

Also joining the Kitten Catfe collection are the Meowble Scented Plush. Kids ages 3 and up can collect all six variations of this soft and squishable plush, which are round, shaped like cats, and have a yummy berry scent. Each plush comes in at $7.99. 

Kitten Catfe Collection

The smallest and most affordable accessory to round out the collection is the Meowble Yarn Ball bracelet ($2.99). The set comes in a little container shaped as a cat-themed coffee mug. Kids can unravel the “yarn” ball inside to reveal a surprise Meowble bead in the center. There are 24 different Meowble beads to collect, including a rare princess Meowble. 

Kids can secure the provided fabric yarn strands to a work surface by using a piece of tape from home. By using creative play, kids can braid the pieces into a bracelet, as shown in the directions. Halfway through braiding, kids can add the Meowble bead into the bracelet for a cute charm. Parents might have to help finish the bracelet with the included clasp. 

The Kitten Catfe collection will be available in all major retailers this spring.