Starting school for the first time is a big deal. And for most little ones, that new transition to elementary school can be a scary one.

With the Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends dolls from Moose Toys, it is designed to make kids feel more comfortable with going back to school. No first-day scaries here!

The Kindi Kids include four cute bobblehead dolls to help kids get used to this fun and safe new environment. There’s Marsha Mello, Jessi Cake, Peppa-Mint, and Donatina to collect, and these foodie girls ready to conquer kindergarten. 

kindi kids

Each 10-inch doll wears a unique, food-themed outfit based on their favorite meal, such as ice cream, cereal, or pasta. Their head-to-toe looks feature colorful, brushable hair and fun foodie headbands that complete the ensemble. The dolls have big, colored, glittery eyes; bobbling heads; and removable clothes and shoes. The dolls are committed to their favorite foods, as the center of their eyes have an image of food in it. Hey, we get it, we get the same glimmer in our eyes when we see our favorite foods.

The curly hair comes styled, but kids can make looks of their own and easily brush out the colorful locks. The soft hair resembles a realistic wig that is fun to brush out and style. It’s fun to play with, but when their hair is down, it’s a lot of hair, so kids have their work cut out for themselves in terms of styling it.

Since the doll’s bobblehead is larger than the rest of its body, it is difficult for each doll to balance and stand on its own. However, kids can position their doll in a seated position, prop it up on a doll stand, or display it leaning against one of its props.

Isn’t snack time the best part of the school day? Each doll comes with different food accessories that magically disappear when “eaten.” For example, when kids place the spoon into the ice cream or cereal bowl and press down, the plastic food springs into position on the utensil. Then, press it against the doll’s mouth, and the food on the spoon “disappears” as if the doll ate a yummy snack. 

In addition to the four dolls, kids can add an assortment of accessories for the dolls, including a shopping cart, a refrigerator, and a supermarket set. Each play set comes with smiling food items that fit inside and in the dolls’ hands.