R_outdoor_1-ARaffi will debut his first new kids’ album since 2002, Love Bug. This engaging 16-song collection for young listeners will be released July 15 from Rounder Records. While this album marks a return for the artist, Raffi has passionately dedicated the past several years to his vision of Child Honouring, a philosophical practice that strives to restore human and natural communities for the sake of the world’s children.

Love Bug tributes the Child Honouring principles with songs that range fundamental topics, including love, nature, playtime, chores, and teamwork. Raffi says, “I see this album as a celebration of the real world, in response to the digital overreach that now touches every aspect of our lives.”

Each song on the album has a rich theme and rhythm that anyone—kid or adult—can enjoy and relate to. “Mama Loves It” will have parents thanking Raffi for making such a clever tune to promote doing chores! The song encourages kids to help their mamas and papas around the house by doing little things such as feeding the cat, walking the dog, setting the table, making their beds, and more. Instead of making it seem obligatory, Raffi sings in a way that will help kids realize how easy and rewarding it is to lend a hand to their parents.

Raffi_LoveBug_LGWhile most of the tracks are folky and upbeat, Raffi slows down the tempo with “Cool Down Reggae” and simultaneously teaches kids the importance of keeping calm when the world around them may seem very hectic. The song’s reggae-feel is relaxing and a great change of pace in the album.

Love Bug ends with a powerful and joyful bonus track called “Turn This World Around,” which also happens to be my favorite song on the album. “Turn This World Around” serves as an inspiring anthem to kids, as it incorporates the advocating Raffi does to help create a sustainable world for today’s youth. Raffi sings, “The dreams of our young ones born into this world need respect and love to come alive! Honoring the children is what we’re here to do—now is the hour and we’ve got the power to turn, turn, turn, turn this world around. For the children, turn this world around.”

For an MP3 download of a track from the album, click the link below!