The Widescreen Light Designer, from Crayola, leaves me with one burning question: Where was this when I was a kid?! The Widescreen Light Designer is essentially a portable dry-erase board that provides kids with a light-up display on which to create their doodles, practice handwriting, and more. The board is dark, and when kids turn it on, it lights up and makes the marker ink glow. It looks so cool! It just makes you want to keep drawing and use all the different colored markers. Another great feature is the ability kids have to choose different light shows with the push of a button. The lights at the bottom of the screen illuminate and dim in several different patterns, making kids’ creations even more exciting.

Kids have a variety of ways to display their art, too. The panel kickstand keeps the Light Designer propped up in portrait orientation during the creative process, and can be placed on a dresser or shelf for viewing. Wall mounts allow the designer to be displayed on the wall—great for creating lists, vocabulary lessons, or reminders. The kickstand tucks flat into the back of the light designer, so kids can also draw in their lap, on the floor, or stay entertained while traveling. The back of the Light Designer also features storage for the six markers, so kids won’t need to worry about losing them.

I had a dry erase board in my room as a kid, and I thought it was pretty cool. But the Widescreen Light Designer has me feeling like my plain white board was a little lame. The illuminated marker strokes really can’t be beat in the coolness department, and the generous size gives kids enough space to let their creativity, shall we say, shine.