Hasbro.captainamericastealthfireshieldIn my great anticipation of Marvel Captain America The Winter Soldier, Hasbro, the makers of Nerf, has a whole line of new toys, including a great role-play lineup of Super Soldier Gear. Kids can deck themselves out as Steve Rogers’ powerful Avenger, Captain America, with a helmet, lots of accessories, and my favorite, the Stealthfire Shield. With the Stealthfire Shield, kids ages 5 and up are ready to battle the bad guys. They can bring some extra firepower by pulling the handle to reveal and deploy four hidden dart launchers. These launchers fire four Nerf N-Strike Elite darts up to 20 feet. Once all four darts have been fired, the launchers automatically retract. This shield also features a rail system attachment for other Super Soldier Gear items that are sold separately, so kids can customize their shield for battle. I love this Stealthfire Shield because it mixes two of my favorite things: Nerf toys and superhero toys. This cool version of Captain America’s famous shield puts kids in position to team up with their Avenger friends and save the world. All the role-play toys in the Super Soldier Gear line are compatible with each other, which fully equips your little one for his biggest fights. The line also includes a Battle Helmet with a button-activated light-up visor and missile-firing projectile rocket launcher; a Recon Rangefinder; and a Dualshot Gauntlet.