CrazyCart__Product We get to try out lots of cool toys here at The Toy Insider. Games, tablets, play sets—you name it! While testing products is always a good time, ride-ons are particularly enjoyable. Perhaps it’s because they go fast. Maybe it’s the thrill of using an outdoor toy indoors (gasp!). Or maybe it’s that toys such as Razor’s Crazy Cart are so much fun to ride, all of us here in the office wish that it came in adult size. As the first brave one to crunch myself into the frame of the Crazy Cart, I didn’t really know what I was in for. Once turned on, I eased onto the pedal—and promptly zoomed down a narrow path that I couldn’t turn around in. After placing the Crazy Cart back into the center space in the room, I was able to play with the drift bar. By pulling it all the way up and stepping on the pedal, the Crazy Cart spins in place, and fast! Riders can also control their drift by lifting the drift bar at different heights. The higher it’s lifted, the tighter the turn. To reverse, turn the steering wheel 180 degrees, and then step on the pedal. Controlling the Crazy Cart is easy, thanks to its 360+ degree turning. The Crazy Cart can reach speeds of 12 mph, and its battery can run for up to 40 minutes of continuous use. It features a seatbelt and flag for safety, and its 55.2 lb metal frame feels solid and anchored.