VTech,KidizoomActionCamAs summer vacation draws near and kids are itching to get out of school, VTech has just come out with one of the most perfect summer toys ever. As an expansion to the Kidizoom Smartwatch line, the Kidizoom Action Cam is easy to use, fun to play with, and ideal for any kind of #kidventure.

Kids can attach the camera to virtually anything they want, from scooters and bikes to skateboards and helmets. The camera comes with lots of mounts and accessories, so I can guarantee to any parent that they’re getting their money’s worth. When I first opened the box and took the camera out, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how durable it is. I have no doubt that it will withstand a lot of bumps and falls– which are inevitable with kids in this age group.

The Kidizoom Action Cam is way more than just a portable camera. This teeny device can capture all of kids’ quests, explorations, and voyages—underwater or above ground. The camera features a 1.4-inch color LCD screen, and basic buttons that make using it a breeze. There’s a left and right arrow, a home button that doubles as the on and off switch, an “OK” button, and the video and photo buttons.

The rest of the box is filled with the valuable accessories: a waterproof case, a mounting shell, a mounting attachment, an adhesive flat mount, a bike mount, a wrist strap, a micro-USB cable, and double-sided adhesive tape. One of the coolest parts about this toy is that kids can go up to 6 feet underwater to record videos or take photos. Once kids place the camera inside the waterproof case, it’s still easy to press the buttons and enjoy all of the camera’s awesome functions and features.

A photo taken using the Kidizoom Action Cam!
A photo taken using the Kidizoom Action Cam!

In addition to regular photos and video, kids can take stop-motion videos and time-lapse photos. There are even settings for multi-shots and a self-timer for the stop-motion video that lets kids choose the time between each photo: a half second, one second, three seconds, five seconds, or ten seconds. Then, kids can choose background music, and voila! Instant video. Kids can also get creative with photo filters, effects, frames, and more. Trust me, there is something for every kid to enjoy.

By itself, the camera has enough internal memory for 600 photos, six minutes of 160 x 120 video resolution, or two and a half minutes of video in a 230 x 240 video resolution. Kids can add a microSD card inside the camera for even more memory, which also allows for a 640 x 480 video resolution quality. Then, all kids need to do is connect the camera to a computer using the microUSB cable and transfer all of their memories onto the computer.

On top of the hundreds of ways kids can enjoy taking photos and videos, the camera also has three games, perfect for car rides or to pass some down time. Each game uses a different function of the camera. In Super Boarder, a character is on a surf board and kids must use the “OK” button to jump over obstacles. In Mountain Bike, kids must use the arrows to move from side to side to avoid obstacles, collect stars, and get to the finish line. The third game, Crazy Captain, is definitely my favorite because it uses the camera to interact with your surroundings. Items are flying across the screen and you must collect them by tilting and maneuvering the camera.

Kids will have a blast capturing all of their favorite moments of the summer with the Kidizoom Action Cam!