Kids Can Message Friends, Take Selfies, And Play Games With VTech’s KidiBuzz

These days, kids are getting cellphones younger and younger. This can be a scary thought, placing not only a costly, but a device with myriad capabilities into the hands of a child. Yet at the same time, it can be equally as scary to be away from your LO and not be able to communicate with them. Enter KidiBuzz, by VTech, a smart phone device fashioned exclusively for kids.

Think of all the great features, both fun and useful, that your smartphone has—messaging capability, a camera, games, music, an alarm clock, etc. KidiBuzz offers all those features, as well as Learning Lodge, an app store chock full of enriching games and programs tailored exclusively for kids. But besides Learning Lodge, where apps can be purchased for additional fee, Kidibuzz is preloaded with more than 40 learning games that cover a variety of subjects including math, spelling, science, problem solving and music—staying true to its VTech values.

With KidiBuzz, kids basically have a kid-safe smartphone without a service provider. The device doesn’t let kids make phone calls, but rather allows them to send texts, voice messages, photos, drawings, and animated stickers over Wi-Fi using the KidiConnect app to any of their parent-approved friends who have KidiBuzz. KidiBuzz is very easy-to-use, and even has two large access buttons on top, to help kids take a shortcut to the camera and the voice recorder. 

As a parent, you are given a lot of control over the device. KidiBuzz has a separate profile on the phone just for parents, which requires a passcode to access. Here, you can manage the apps kids download from Learning Lodge, set time limits for how long kids can use the device at once, approve friends, and add websites to the kid-safe browser. You can also download the VTech KidiBuzz app from the Google Play store to your phone, so when you’re out, and your child is home, you can communicate directly with them instead of phoning the babysitter.

Like all smartphones, kids can access the internet non KidiBuzz, however, it is protected by a kid-safe browser. Luckily, the browser comes programmed with an abundance of  kid-centric sites , such as BBC Kids, and fun videos. There are several categories set up to help kids make a selection of what they want to browse the web for. To give you a taste of what’s already waiting for kids,  I was able to watch “Story of Cartel the Baby Otter” and “Funny Riddles for Kids.” Not going to lie, I wish my adult iPhone had these waiting for me when I opened Safari. There are so many programs and games already installed on the phone that purchasing additional games from Learning Lodge isn’t required at all for an enriching and fun play experience.

And it wouldn’t be 21st century technology without the ability to take a selfie, amiright? The 180-degree rotating camera can be used for selfies, regular pictures, and videos. TBH, it’s a pretty high-quality camera. My selfie came out #flawless, despite being in a poorly lit area.

But if you’re like me, and constantly drop your smartphone and crack the screen every couple months, you’re probably worried that this device may not be ideal for a child. KidiBuzz, however, is equipped with bumpers and a shatter-resistant screen—it’s kid-tough. I dropped it on concrete to test it out, and no damage occurred whatsoever. Apple and Android could definitely take a cue from VTech.

Nonetheless, KidiBuzz is an Android-based operating system and is compatible with popular Android apps and games that parents can choose to download and make available to their kids. Not only is it fun for kids, but it can also help prep them for when they do get that first real phone. 

As of now, I am convincing my adult friends to get this phone so I can send them some messages and #flawless selfies. It’s slightly bigger (and significantly more affordable) than the iPhone 8, and the screen won’t crack! KidiBuzz could be the next big phone giant. 



Manufacturer: VTech
MSRP: $99.99

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  1. I think they should be able to make REAL calls on it and also it should be so people don’t have to download the KidiConnect app to text their friends who have a KidiBuzz (i wish i had a phone and this is way better than a real one but i hope this will be my first phone!!!)

  2. Jennifer

    I bought this device for my daughter for Christmas and was never able to use it since she opened it. I placed it in my room so i could try to figure it out because it says type your password but i never set up a password… i tried 0000 9870 and all sorts of numbers and nothing worked…. today ai can across the device and tried it again, it says install update but it won’t let me. I payed $100 for a device that has never been used. The only Only thing she can use are music and e-books the ones that came installed anyways. What a waste of money this was.

  3. This product is terrible. You can not call or text approved friends. You can’t download third party sites that you already pay for IR reading eggs Netflix math excel starfall and atleast 5 more. It’s funny how it can run YouTube but not YouTube kids. I bought it in Oregon but I live in California so I asked customer service for a mail in return and they insisted I take it back to the store. Very rude customer service rep. So then I paid 200 dollars for two phones that my 7 and 6 year old won’t use. And it does not let you download the movies I’ve paid for on my digital

  4. Kristan

    I cannot get the phone to accept my payment, I never type in my credit card number because it doesnt take me to the screen to do so. It keeps telling me my pmt has failed😑😑

  5. Hate to disagree with Kelly’s review but parents beware. I bought this for my 4 year old son for Christmas because even though he had an IPad, he always wanted my cell phone because it was smaller and more comfortable for him. At first I loved the toy as did my son. However, not even 7 weeks after purchasing, I accidentally dropped his KidiBuzz and when I turned on his phone the screen was white with lots of lines through it. I could tell the phone itself was still working but you could not see anything. I called customer service and described my issue. They told me our KidiBuzz had an internally cracked screen. They also told me that our warranty did not cover damage from accidental drops. They said they did not have a repair department and you could not purchase a replacement part. So after only 7 weeks and over $100, the phone is worthless. There is not a protective case you can purchase either. Yes it has bumpers but it didn’t help when our phone was dropped. This damage was not from abuse or misuse. You cannot tell me a child from age 4-10 will not eventually drop this toy. In addition, the pictures come out very grainy. I was able to set up my KidiConnect but none of our other family members have been able to connect even though they have downloaded the app and been invited. The apps are decent for his age group and had a lot of other good features but who wants to purchase new ones at $100 every couple of months? So parents save your money and purchase a Kindle Fire kids edition that comes with a protective case. It’s bigger but works far superior for about the same price with extensively more capabilities.

  6. Tanisha Jacobs

    Can some please help me. I cannot get the Kidibuzz to work so my daughter can message people.

  7. Kalie Bartley

    Can I send my child txts through my I phone are they compatible with I phone and android phones

  8. Icanhasbabies

    Thank you for this review, it sounds pretty great. I’m reading conflicting things about it’s compatibility with Apple products though – will I be able to message my kid with my iPhone 7 Plus? Thanks!


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