School is back in session, but there’s still time to play outside and stay active!

Flying discs may seem like simplistic toys, but they can provide kids with countless hours of fun. There are an endless variety of activities and games to enjoy with flying discs. Since they are lightweight and portable, you can take them just about anywhere. Here are a few of my family’s favorite ways to have fun playing with flying discs. (Did you know: People commonly refer to flying discs as “Frisbees,” but that’s actually a specific trademarked toy! Sort of like calling all tissues “Kleenex.”)

Ultimate Disc

Split up into two teams with (preferably) seven people on each side. The goal is to score points by passing to a teammate who is within the other side’s end zone. The rules are similar to football, but without all of the blocking and tackling. Players cannot move while holding the disc and need to pass to other members of their team. Then, the opponents try to knock down or intercept those passes.


The first player creates a challenge, like hitting a target or throwing a disc between obstacles. The other players must repeat the challenge or they receive a letter. After each task is completed, another player comes up with a new challenge for the group. Once someone spells out H-O-R-S-E, they are out of the game. The last person left who hasn’t spelled out the word is the winner!

Dog Toss

A great way to help your dog get some exercise and have some fun with your pet is to play catch with a flying disc. How high can your dog soar to grab his toy when you toss it in the air? You might be surprised!


Disc Tag

Two teams play a game of keep away. One side passes the disc around among its players, while the other team tries to steal it away. Once the toy is intercepted, the two teams switch roles.

Flying Disc Freestyle

Players attempt to outdo one another with the most awe inspiring stunts, tricks, and acrobatic moves. You incorporate flying discs into routines that are a combination of gymnastics, dance, and athletic prowess. Think an X Games event for flying disc toys to imagine what this activity is like!

Disc Golf

Make your way across a course throwing at above-ground baskets built to catch discs. You want to complete the route hitting each basket in as few tosses as possible. The player with the lowest score wins. More and more parks are adding disc golf courses and this sport is really growing in popularity.

Coop Sports Spring Slam is a great way to practice disc golf in your own backyard. It comes with two collapsible fold-and-go goals along with a flying disc. Build your own disc golf links to compete with friends or set up the goals to just get some practice throws in. Also use the goals to use flying disc toys for variations of other games like horse shoes and corn hole. Plus, Spring Slam is its own game as well.

In Spring Slam, two-player teams try to be the first to score 21 points by taking turns throwing a flying disc at the goals. One partner throws the flying disc trying to score from the other end of the playing field with the other teammate standing next to the goal. If it doesn’t look like the disc is going to land in the goal, the other player can try to deflect it in. Then the first team steps aside and their opponents get their shot. This goes back and forth until the game is won.

Disc DJ

Sometimes it is just fun and relaxing to play a casual game of catch with a flying disc toy. Tucker Toys’ Disc Jock-e throws in some music while you toss a disc around. Sync a phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-compatible mobile device to the disc and spin your favorite tunes from the disc’s built-in speaker. What a great idea for a portable speaker! The Disc Jock-e is very durably made and water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about breaking it and just focus on having a good time.

Disc Variety

In addition to there being numerous fun ways to play with flying disc toys there are also a lot of varieties to choose from. For example, Coop Sports manufactures several types of disc toys including the “Medalist “which is aerodynamically engineered specifically for Ultimate Disc competitions, the “Reactorz” which emits a burst of light with every touch, throw, or catch as an entertaining novelty, and the “Wake Breaker Skip Disk” which is great for taking to the beach or playing with in a pool because it is designed to skip or skim across water and guaranteed not to sink. Tucker Toys also has a unique toy, the Phlat Ball, which transforms from a flying disc to a ball when thrown. Believe me: There is a whole wide world beyond the Frisbee!