Just Play’s New That Girl Lay Lay Toys | Source: Just Play/the Toy Insider

Who is That Girl Lay Lay? She’s the best friend anyone could ever ask for, but she’s not a real person … at least at first! In the Nickelodeon series That Girl Lay Lay, Lay Lay is a personal affirmation app that inspires confidence and positivity. However, when Sadie wishes upon a star, Lay Lay is magically brought to life, and now, these best friends can accomplish anything!

Just Play is releasing a line of That Girl Lay Lay toys for kids ages 6 and up, including a fashion doll and a DIY activity toy.

The That Girl Lay Lay Freestylin’ Fashion Doll is dressed to slay in her next rap battle with a varsity jacket, running pants, and mix-and-match shoes. Kids can decorate her outfit with cool patches and give her a new hairstyle. That Girl Lay Lay inspires young fans to express themselves and make their dreams come true. The doll is available for preorder now for $20.99 on Amazon.

That Girl Lay Lay’s Blingin’ DIY Patch Maker | Source: Just Play

Kids can show off their dazzling style with the That Girl Lay Lay’s Blingin’ DIY Patch Maker. This simple-to-use kit comes with everything needed to customize clothes with colorful patches that reflect Lay Lay’s style. The kit contains 12 satiny patches that kids can customize by placing a patch on the workstation and adding color. An adult can then help iron the patches on to denim jackets, jeans pockets, canvas bags, sneakers, and more. Kids can also add shimmery, stick-on gems and glitter glue for even more sparkle. This set is available for preorder for $17.99 on Amazon.

Both items will also be at Walmart and Target stores starting in the new year.