Nothing transports me back to my childhood faster than Lip Smackers lip balm. Not only did it provide all of the moisturizing goodness I needed—and elementary school-aged self deserved—but it also came in a variety of scents and flavors that made every ’90s kid go crazy.

Watermelon was obviously my go-to (or strawberry, or pink lemonade)—unless you were #blessed enough to find one of the Skittles flavors at your local drugstore. Now, thanks to the Horizon Group USA, kids can make their very own lip balm, complete with shimmer and scents, with the Just My Style Layered Lip Balm Kit.

The set comes with everything kids need to make up to six lip balms, making it perfect for any solo project or group activity for birthday parties or sleepovers. The kit includes lip balm tubes, shimmer, and colored flavor droppers. The displayer doubles as a storage station to keep all of your lip balm making components in one place, and has a mirror attached to apply the balm easily.

What I love most about this set is how versatile it is. Depending on their moods and personalities, kids can create a wide variety of lip balms, such as a single flavor. Or, they can stack different flavors to mix and match different scents and colors.

The lip balm creation process is simple: Kids just follow the step-by-step instructions and grab an adult to help with adding in some boiling water. Kids can customize their lip balm any way they want, including deciding how much flavoring to add. Kids can choose from strawberry, watermelon, citrus, and bubble gum, or they can get creative and mix and match scents, such as strawberry watermelon or strawberry citrus. YUM!

I obviously wouldn’t be me if I didn’t choose watermelon, so I chose to do just that flavor. I accidentally added more drops then necessary, but ended up liking a stronger scent in the long run. I also added three drops of shimmer. If you want more than one flavor in your balm, you can stack the different flavors to create one awesome tube.

The lip balm only takes about two hours to dry and solidify, and voi-la! You have lip balm of your very own.

Because I’m dedicated to the cause, I used the lip balm I made every day for a week. This long-lasting balm worked just as well as lip balm I buy at the store. Plus, the shimmer gave it just the right amount of sparkle to make my lips shine! 💋

Nobody wants chapped lips, especially as the air is getting drier in these cooler months (Can I get an Amen?!). The Just My Style Layered Lip Balm Kit will let kids get creative and customize their own lip balm, just for them!