Giddy-up there, dino!

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, Dynacraft‘s Jurassic World Triceratops 6V Plush Ride-On is the ideal form of transportation for the little dinosaur lover in your life.

Packaged inside a faux dinosaur cage, this unique ride-on is sure to get kids excited. While most ride-ons are made entirely out of hard plastic, the Jurassic World Triceratops four-wheeler is covered horn to toe in soft plush that’s styled with authentic camouflaging colors. There’s also a cushioned saddle and a rear support pillow to ensure little ones experience a comfortable ride when they embark on imaginative adventures. With a top speed of 2.5 mph, parents can rest assured knowing that little ones up to 65 pounds won’t develop an unsafe need for speed. The ride-on gives kids just enough power to cruise along without the risk of taking a high-speed spill. And as they navigate prehistoric terrain in the living room or the backyard, exciting dinosaur sounds will aid in imaginative play. Coupled with the triceratops’ unique appearance, these sound effects will leave little ones feeling like a confident Owen Grady—our favorite dinosaur researcher from Jurassic World.

And when their prehistoric pal is all wiped out, aspiring Jurassic World fans can plug in their dino into the wall for a charge, and even house it inside its packaging cage. Kids can use the cage as a storage unit for their other favorite Jurassic World toys, too.

So whether they’re tracking an apex predator or evading the Asset Containment Unit, little ones can explore Isla Nublar in style with the Jurassic World Triceratops 6V Plush Ride-On.