Goal: $17,500
Funding Period: May 28, 2014-June 27, 2014
Creator: JUMBiES

Screen shot 2014-06-04 at 12.58.54 PMJUMBiES is a line of plush that combines two animals in one and were created to help teach kids about diversity and tolerance. The message that the stuffed animals send to kids is that each animal is different just like all of us. The line has also received a Family Choice Award.

The characters live on a magical island called JUMBiELAND and came to be when the storks were so busy delivering baby animals that they crashed into each other and accidentally jumbled them up. Each JUMBiE has its own D.O.J., Date of Jumble, and own motto such as “Don’t be a Dingbat” or “Life’s just Duckey.”

Twelve characters are currently in the marketplace and the company is looking to produce five more and a stork with the Kickstarter funds. The new animals will include Rockefeller the Ticoon (tiger and raccoon); Bling-Bling the Pandapotamus (panda and hippo); Ivanna Poquito (poodle and mosquito); Gurtrude the Gurtle (goose and turtle); and Morris the Stinkasaurus (stink bug and stegosaurus). The new line will join the existing characters that includes Bunker the Dingbat (dingo and bat); Darwin the Duckey (duck and monkey); Zumbo the Zelephant (zebra and elephant); Kloie the Horsefly (horse and butterfly); Arthur the Camelot (camel and ocelot); Filbert the Blabbit (blue bird and rabbit); Samson the Sealion (seal and lion); and Warner the Tyramasaurus (T. Rex and ram). The previous and new plush are all CE certified.

Kickstarter donations range from $5 to $3,900 and prizes include one of the new characters, a signed hard cover copy of the JUMBiES book, The Day the Storks Crashed, and the opportunity to customize a JUMBiE.

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