Hot take: “Kid In A Candy Store” by JoJo Siwa is the new “I Want Candy” by Aaron Carter. If you haven’t heard this musical masterpiece yet, you’re missing out. It’s an ode to candy and fun, and the video even has a cameo appearance from JoJo’s adorable pup, BowBow. Now, excuse me while I play this video on repeat all day. 

Just when you think it can’t get any better, Just Play drops a sweet (pun intended) new doll inspired by this electric pop jam. We spent most of last year rocking out to Just Play’s singing “Boomerang” doll, so it only seemed right to grow this star-studded collection with the latest addition.

JoJo Siwa Singing Doll: “Kid In A Candy Store” features a 10-inch JoJo doll that sings the latest pop hit from the superstar. Decked out in an identical outfit as the one she rocks in the music video, the doll has on a purple unicorn T-shirt; a silver, sparkly skirt with pink frill on the bottom; pink high-top kicks; and, of course, an oversized pink bow. Who is this girl’s personal stylist and is said person willing to take on a new client (Hint: it’s me!)?

Adding to her glam look, the doll sports bow hair accessories that are weaved into the braids in her ponytail. Kids can channel their creativity and style JoJo’s hair with the included hairbrush, and aspiring pop sensations can remove the big, bright satin bow from the doll’s hair and wear it as their own hair accessory. It also comes with a pink microphone that hooks on to the doll’s hand so that the tween sensation can belt out her jam.   

Similar to last year’s JoJo singing doll, this doll has posable arms and legs. This means that kids can let their friend truly break it down just like JoJo does during the killer chorus of the “Kid In A Candy Store” music video. The doll sings upbeat and positive lines that will inspire kids to let their individuality shine and take on every day with a can-do attitude.

To quote the great JoJo Siwa, “The world is ours. Like a cookie jar. Just gotta reach in and grab it. Anything you want, you can have it.”